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Uncapped / Unlimited Internet

We do not limit your download or upload data cap or speed.

Not just wifi

We offer fibre-over-wifi. This means you get the same experience as having a fibre line installed.

Local Service from a registered Provider

We are a registered, local wireless provider, with local support.

Your #1 Choice For Fibre Speed Internet

If you need a fibre connectivity solution, but can’t get a fibre line. Our fibre-over-wifi solution is what you are looking for.

up to 1000mbps speeds

Same upload and download speed

No limits on data

Unlimited Business solutions

If you take your business serious, we offer solid solutions.

Stable internet

Low latency

Value added services, like VoIP, Web hosting and more...

We offer solutions tailored for service

We know every client is unique, so we deploy industry best practice to ensure that, whatever you do on the internet, our network keep you connected, productive and efficient.




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